Avoiding one-use kitchen utensils, Elton forgoes apple corers, preferring the more versatile paring knife.

Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in the water.


You can do it. It'll be a cakewalk!

He took the coat off because it was warm.

Hatred breeds hatred.


You have to stay fit.


Mr. Tanaka is one of our friends.

I've been very busy the last few days.

Rudolph will not starve.

I bet you didn't know that.

You must not eat too much of anything because it tastes good.

Read it once more, please.

The dentist pulled my bad tooth.

I'd like to know the exact exchange rate for yen.

I'm glad that Himawan is in Boston with us.

He clung to the hope that he could be a lawyer.

I don't like books with more than five hundred pages.

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We lived together for two years, but we aren't married.

I was beside myself with jealousy when my youngest sister rose in the world.

Okinawa has a fine climate all year round.


Petr closed his locker.


She filled the glass with wine.

I know this must come as a shock.

You were busy.

I don't have time for breakfast.

Elijah was very encouraging.

Who am I to criticize him?

I'll go and give him a hand.

I'd like to hear that from Syed.

I thought Terrence couldn't speak French.


I hear from my friend every month.


Is there anyone who doesn't love me? I don't think there is.

Don't let Martyn use the phone.

Have you ever seen a squirrel?

You have to do as I say.

He became sick. That's why he gave up going abroad.

Kolkka really didn't know what to do.

You need to play the notes in the correct order.



Are you a Japanese student?

She is no longer the cheerful woman she once was.

Stanly was afraid he might bleed to death.

International Business Machines Corporation is headquartered in Armonk, New York.

You will be famous.

I'm going to the office.

He works in a cannery.

Let's figure out what needs to be done.

A successful local boy is coming home.

The cause of the fire was unknown.


Nobody's allowed to do that.


Tran is a big baseball fan.


I'd really rather not eat that.

Paul, we can borrow up to 8 books.

This is pure nonsense.


I think Angus is doing well.

It's useless. Don't harp on it any longer.

I had to attend two meetings yesterday, and there was no time to have lunch between.


She has lost her umbrella.

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It's not a big thing.

Keep that to yourself.

I come into contact with all kinds of people in my work.

You're not mad anymore, are you?

Nate resisted smiling.

Please let me know if it hurts.

Does that feel right?

I think Siping will be happy to see you.

He couldn't bring himself to believe her story.

I thought that he loved me, but in reality he just wanted to have sex with me.

"Good enough" is not good enough for me.


We can't get along without them.

He's an avid art collector.

Excuse me for interrupting.

Sid didn't come to the last meeting.

Clean the apparatus only with dry cloth.


Pilot is being very sensible, isn't he?

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I can't hide my feelings.

You worship money because you believe in capitalism.

I'm sorry, I was distracted.


You have tennis elbow. Soak your arm in warm water.

Hot and humid weather makes us lazy.

Lewis refused their offer.


Pierre has a lot of pirated software on his computer.

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Mick never would've done this.

I will go regardless of the weather.

Can you tell me which bus or train I can take to get to the town centre?


Just go and ask Uri.

I hope they found a cure.

Jochen was suspended for throwing a chair at another student.


I find much enjoyment in fishing.

Ritalynne is a light eater.

He put the machine in motion.


Are they Japanese or Chinese?


I know better than to quarrel with her about trifles.


The next morning Sandra got up and carried off the goose under his arm. He took no notice at all of the three girls.


He's not here.

Someone tried to kill me.

Jones has been nothing but trouble.

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Then the prince took Elsa on his horse, and rode with her to the town, where the old king received her graciously.


He has the right ideas.


It would be virtually impossible to convince Bryce to come along with us.


We always look forward to Surya's annual visit.

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I've had a tickle in my throat since this morning. Have I really caught a cold?


We've got three major problems that need to be solved.

Did you already do your homework?

How could you not see this coming?

The king longed to go out into the world, to try his strength in battle against some enemy and to win all kinds of honour and glory.

For that reason the outcome of the primary nursing care requirement authorization has to relate to the amount of nursing care required.

When summer is over, the days grow shorter and shorter.

I am completely accustomed to this kind of work now.


I owe Maarten some money and must pay her back by next Monday.

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We're ready to go now.

I think I'd like to be a better student.

Is German spoken too?

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I was told you wouldn't be at the meeting.

I asked her to pick me up around four.

You're believable.

Russell is a person who can be trusted.

Your lips are soft like the surface of a cactus.

"That man is staring at you." "That man knows style when he sees it."

I advised him to come back at once.

He is the person to lead the next generation.

Nothing is wrong with Juan.

Huey was excited to go to the concert.

I'll try to be as brief as possible.

We cannot know too much about our own language.

I read on electronic devices, since I mostly read at night.

We'd never consider that.

If you act like a child, you'll be treated like a child.

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Do you have anything to say regarding this?

In Japan, you never have to go too far to find a convenience store.

It is unusual to see rock stars wearing a tie!

You have three minutes and thirty seconds left.

This drives me crazy.

Now that I'm thinner, I can fit into this dress.

I ate a panipuri.

It might even work.

Happy birthday, Mom.

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I ran into Damone on the train.

That sounds like a good choice.

I think it is very good to lead a regular life.

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Have you thought about what time of year you want to take a cruise?


There are strange rumors afloat.

I think it's better to stay here.

That amplifier doesn't work.

And you say I don't have a nose for what's popular.

She showed hardly any interest in the photos.

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I felt a sharp pain in the stomach.

Do you think she's innocent?

I haven't seen him for years.

They never drink beer.

Price didn't seem very busy.


I'm going to unwrap the package.

We've got to get you a better office.

The medicine will soon put you right.

Don't make me stay.

Joseph tried to sing Narendra to sleep.

In Japan there aren't any lakes bigger than Lake Biwa.

I don't know why Vinod is always complaining.